Tell me all about Lip Enhancements!

Lip Enhancements are the most popular dermal filler treatment we perform at Aesthetic Allure. Whether we’re smiling, pouting, kissing or laughing, our lips are a focal feature of our face. Having gorgeous lips can give you a special kind of confidence and enhance your look like no other feature can. A lip enhancement can improve symmetry, define your cupids bow as well as adding volume to that pout!

There are many attributes that make lips appealing including the vermillion border, balance, volume and symmetry. Some people are lucky enough to have been blessed with well defined, plumped lips. Others may have started to see the signs of aging around their mouth. This can be the formation of wrinkles to the corners of the lips and/or reduced lip volume. Dermal fillers present a non-surgical option which can help combat the signs of aging or enhance your natural lip. We can correct your natural lip line and add volume creating a beautiful fullness with added definition.

We get alot of questions about what is considered the ‘perfect’ set of lips. There are many ‘rules’ to be considered when crafting the perfect lip. We are of course talking about the Greek Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi. This golden ratio is a set of mathematical equations for facial mapping the devine proportion and perfect beauty. These rules assert that most aesthetically pleasing proportion of our lips is to be 1:1.6; meaning the bottom lip remains slightly more plump than the top. However, this is arguably not the case these days as we are seeing a trend for equal 1:1 lips. This is of course a complete personal preference and is up to you!

Photos are showing before and after lip enhamncements / filler treatments. Please note that several treatments may be required to acheive your goal lip.

What to expect..

Prior to your lip enhancement, your clinician will discuss the goals of your treatment. They will also discuss the various types of filler options available to you. At Aesthetic Allure, we only use long-lasting dermal filler for all our procedures. Enhancement of the lip encompasses two key areas to craft the desired lip. This includes shaping the lip border to create definition and volumisation by injecting the filler deeper into the lips. Your lips are typically the most uncomfortable area to inject owing to the highly vascularised tissue. This is after all what gives them their pink tone! Fortunately, your clinician will apply a prescription grade numbing cream  to your lips which will take majority of this discomfort away!

The Procedure..

The procedure will be performed via a sharp needle which is utlised for precision and accuracy when injecting this area. At any stage that you feel uncomfortable or need a breather – just ask! Your lips will be lightly massaged and pinched throughout the treatment. This is to ensure the filler is sitting just where we need it to and that tissue perfusion is occuring. As we continue injecting, your lips will become more numb owing to the local anesthetic within the dermal filler.

The whole treatment is relatively quick once the numbing gel has taken effect. After the treatment is complete, your injector will lightly massage the area with further anti-septic cream. This is ensure the filler is soft within the lip and there are no lumps or bumps present. Your injector will also apply some arnica cream to assist with any bruising that may happen over the next couple of days. 

There is no down time after your lip enhancement is complete. You can be back to your day to day routine straight afterwards! However, there are some activities you will need to refrain from doing over the next 24 hours – 2 weeks. You can read all about them in our FAQs.

In two weeks time, your lips will be mostly healed! We do recommend popping back into the clinic for a quick follow up appointment after this time. In this appointment we can address any concerns and answer any questions you may have regarding your treatment. This is also a perfect time to review your before and afters! 

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