Anti-Sweat Treatments



Tell me all about Anti-Sweat Treatments!

Anti-sweat treatments (also known as hyperhidrosis) is one of the most popular procedures we perform at Aesthetic Allure.  

We have over 3 million sweat glands distributed all over our body, designed to assist us in regulating our body temperature. This is achieved by the secretion of sweat from these glands allowing heat loss by evaporation. In some people, these glands are overactive and produce more sweat than normal. This can become a source of anxiety and embarrassment with unsightly underarm sweat marks on shirts, especially in summer!

So how do we fix it?! Anti-sweat treatments utilise several small doses of neurotoxin injected directly into the skin under the arm. This blocks the nerve supply to the apocrine sweat glands thus preventing the glands from producing sweat.

Whilst this doesn’t cure excessive sweating, our anti-sweat treatment does offer a temporary solution to this common problem. You can typically see a significant reduction in sweat production just two weeks after treatment! These results can last between 8-12 months.

What to expect…

Prior to treatment, your clinician will assess your underarms and discuss where you experience the most sweating from. An iodine starch test may be used so that we can see exactly where the sweating problem exists. This is performed by wiping the effected area with betadine and applying cornstarch power to the area. Once this has been completed (and cleaned!), a graph will be drawn to your underarms to act as a guide for the injections. 

The treatment itself is quite quick – no more than 10 minutes! We inject the product very superficially under your skin, which causes an appearence of small mozzie bites to the area. These ‘bites’ will disappear back to normal after approximately 30 minutes. We recommend that you do not participate in exercise or vast hot/cold temperature changes to avoid sweating the product out. Where possible, also avoid wearing deodorant for 4 hours after treatment. 

You will start to see a difference in the amount of sweat produced within a weeks time. Sometimes assymetry of treatment can occur due to intrinsic factors (one side of your arm sweat more than the other) or because one sides treatment starts working faster than the other. We can address this at your follow up appointment. If you are still experiencing increased sweating, we may recommend a further treatment is performed. The starch iodine test may be necessary to map exactly where the overactive glands are located. 

You can expect your anti-sweat treatment to last between 8 – 12 months. Repeat treatments can happen at anytime after this so that you’re able to raise your arms with confidence, year round!

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