Hyperhidrosis with Aesthetic Allure

Anti-sweat treatments (otherwise known as hyperhidrosis treatments) are one of the most popular and confidence boosting procedures we perform at Aesthetic Allure. 

We have over 3 million sweat glands distributed all over our body designed to assist us in regulating our body temperature. This is achieved by the secretion of sweat from these glands allowing heat loss by evaporation. In some people, these glands are overactive and produce more sweat than normal, which can be a cause can be a source of anxiety and embarrassment.

Anti-sweat treatment of localised hyperhidrosis of the armpits is achieved by injecting several small doses of neurotoxin directly into the skin under the arm. This blocks the nerve supply to the apocrine sweat glands thus preventing the glands from producing sweat.

Whilst this doesn’t cure excessive sweating, our anti-sweat treatment does offer a temporary solution to this common problem. Clients typically see a significant reduction in sweat production just two weeks after treatment, with results lasting between 7-9 months.

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