Before & After photos showing the effects of Upper Face Anti-Wrinkle treatments.
Note: After photos have been taken a minimum 2 weeks post initial treatment.

Tell me all about Upper Face Anti-Wrinkle Treatments!

Upper Face Anti-Wrinkle Treatments refer to the treatment of frown, forehead and crows feet wrinkles. This is our most common and favourite anti-wrinkle treatment at Aesthetic Allure!  We can treat these areas singularly or in combination with each other.

Utilising upper face anti-wrinkle treatment injections in these areas will reduce the muscle contractility. This will prevent the existing lines from deepening and new wrinkles from forming. Overtime as the muscles relax, the appearance of the upper face will smooth, leaving a refreshed, youthful appearance.

Frown Lines

Frown lines are the most common cause of concern for most people and are caused by the contraction of the glabellar muscles. Overactive or increased use of these muscles can result in the dreaded ‘angry 11’s’ lines vertically in the middle of the forehead.

FOrehead lines

These are usually the first wrinkles that we notice – especially when putting on make up! The horizontal forehead wrinkles are caused by the increased use of the frontalis muscle responsible for raising our eyebrows. Lifestyle factors and increased time in the sun can also effect the development of these wrinkles. Forehead wrinkles can often make a person appear older than they are, creating a tired stressed appearance. 

Crows feet lines

Crows feet wrinkles are formed by the contraction of the muscle surrounding the eye. This muscle is responsible for our squinting action and appear when we contract this muscle when we laugh and smile. Over time, these lines can deepen and can become present at rest. In some people, they can extend into the cheek area and further under the eye. To fully correct this area, you may need to consider combining your treatment with a Cheek Enhancement or Tear Trough Filler. The benefits of these treatments will be discussed during your consultation.

What to expect..

Your Clinician will discuss the area and the underlying musculature with you prior to treatment. The amount of units required for your treatment will depend on how active your muscles are. Your clinician will cleansed your face with alcoswabs and mark out where your injections will be. This will involve you contracting your muscles a few times to ensure we get the injection sites just right!If this is your first time having anti-wrinkle injections, have no fear as it is quick, virtually painless experience! We often get told that it is akin to having a couple of mosquito bites.


After your upper face anti-wrinkle treatment, you’ll notice small red areas where the injections occured – these will dissipate within the next half hour. The most important thing to remember is to do not touch! Avoid leaning/putting pressure on the area where the anti-wrinkle product has been injected. This ensures the product is absorbed in the correct area of the muscle. It is also important to avoid temperature changes (so no saunas/ice baths in the next 24 hours) and avoid working out for the next day so that you do not sweat the product out. Further aftercare advice can be found on our FAQ Page.

At two weeks, the product will be set within your muscles and this is when we will get you back to the clinic for a follow up appointment! Here we can assess how well the product is sitting and answer any questions you may have. Your anti-wrinkle treatment will last anywhere between 3-4 months, depending on your metabolism.

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