A beautiful smile can brighten your life socially and professionally. Everyone suffers from various degrees of teeth discolouration due to both intrinsic and extrinsic factors. No matter how often you brush your teeth, floss or visit the dentist, these factors can take their toll on the natural glow of your teeth. 

Fortunately, professional teeth whitening is an effective way to lighten and brighten your smile, without effecting the hardness of your enamel or gingival index.

Here at Aesthetic Allure, we use a high intensity blue laser light which activates the whitening solution on your teeth. This whitening gel releases the bond of free radicals which cause discolouration to your teeth. The light oxidizes the pigmentation of the teeth through the dentin tubles restoring them to a beautiful pearly white.

While everyone will notice an improvement immediately after the treatment, subsequent treatment sessions may be advised for clients with stained teeth from tetracyclines or heavily speckled with fluoride. This will be discussed on the day of your teeth whitening appointment.

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