Tell me all about Tear Trough Fillers!

Tear troughs refer to the depressions or hollowing that starts from the inner eye moving outwards and down towards the cheek.  Over time with age, this area of the face looses volume as the fat pads shrink, creating a darker shadowing to the under eye. This area of the face becomes an area of concern for people as it often makes them feel older or more tired than they are.

To improve the appearance of tear troughs, dermal filler can be injected just above the orbital rim. The filler is then massaged into the fatty tissues, replenishing the volume deficit. The treatment can rejuvenate the appearance of this area by plumping up hollow under-eye areas, while concealing dark circles by filling in the loose skin. This is an advanced dermal filler procedure due to the delicate nature of the surrounding peri-orbital skin. This area is also prone to water retention and puffiness which can be exacerbated by the placement of too much filler.

Aside from aging, there are many other causes of tear trough imperfections. Lack of sleep, genetics and lifestyle factors can contribute to the darkening, sagging and sunken appearance of the skin in this area. Some people are just born with naturally hollowed and volume deplete tear troughs. In some cases, tear troughs can be greatly improved by treating volume deficit in the upper cheek. Cheek filler can be used in this case to provide further support to the under eye area, thus reducing the appearance of tear trough depression.

The above images are before (top) and immediately after (bottom) tear trough correction. 

What to expect..

After assessing your face and discussing your goals of treatment, your face will be mapped out according to where the dermal filler is to be injected. Tear Trough corrections are always performed via the use of a cannula. There are a couple of reasons for this. Firstly, it allows for your clinician to flexibly inject long, thin strands of filler right into the orbital hollow and up into the medial canthus of your eye. Secondly, it presents a much safer option for you as there are several vessels to avoid in this area and the risk of bruising is reduced using a cannula rather than a needle. 

Given the delicate area of the treatment, this procedure can take up to half an hour to complete. Slow work is good work. Light massage will occur frequently throughout the procedure to ensure the filler is sitting correctly in the area we need it to and to ensure good tissue re-perfusion is occurring. We do not want to risk overfilling this area as the hydrophilic (or water drawing properties) the dermal filler has will leave you with puffy eyes! 

Aftercare advice for your tear trough filler is much the same as all dermal filler treatments. For more information about this, head across to our FAQ page. It is worth noting that your chances of bruising post this treatment is high, so it is advisable to avoid any alcoholic beverages (where possible) as this can increase your chances of bruising and prolong swelling. It is also advisable to avoid massaging the area under your eye and along your cheeks for the first day as the dermal filler remains malleable in this timeframe.

At two weeks post your tear trough correction, you will have an opportunity for a follow up appointment. It is advisable to attend this, especially if it is your first treatment. This allows your clinician to assess how the dermal filler is sitting within your skin and address any concerns you may have in relation to the treatment. You can also check out your before and after photos! 

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