Needle vs. Cannula

Both options are widely used in aesthetics, but what is the difference? And why is one chosen over the over?

Cannulas are round ended, blunt at the tip, long and flexible with a hollow bore. After an entry point is created with a needle, the cannula is then threaded through the tissue via this one entry point to the areas being treated. Cannulas let the injector to treat larger surface areas at a time via one injection site, allowing them to contour areas like the cheeks and jawline. This also generally results in far less trauma to the facial tissue, minimizing bruising, bleeding and swelling. Being blunt at the tip, the likelihood of injury to vessels such as veins and arteries is reduces as the cannula tends to push aside these structures.


Needles are shorter, more ridged and sharp. Work with needles will require the injector to pierce the skin several times down to the depth of where the filler is to be placed. This allows for a more precise injecting technique when it comes to areas such as the lips. While more injection sites are required, they can be relatively pain free owing to the needle size used, technique and application of some excellent numbing cream! Treatments with needles often have a slightly longer recovery time, than that of a cannula due to the increased trauma to the skin. Needles do carry higher risk of injuries to the vessels as the sharp tip can pierce through these structures making the likelihood of bruising and bleeding higher than that of a cannula.

Here at Aesthetic Allure, we use both needle and cannula to create and sculpt our clients faces. The needles that we use are 27g through to 31g – smaller than an insulin needle!

Depending on the area that you are wanting treated, this will ultimately decide on what method your injector will choose. Sometimes, both techniques are employed to create the look you’re wanting!

Irrespective of what method we choose, a prescription grade numbing cream is applied to the complete area that will be treated for comfort. Although there is still some discomfort felt with both methods, the numbing cream makes it a lot more comfortable.

– C x