Platysmal Band lift otherwise known as the Nefertiti Neck Lift can rejuvenate and lift the jowls creating a more youthful looking appearance.

As we age, our platysmal bands in our necks shorten and pull down on our jawline. This gravitational pull creates an appearance of the famous ‘Turkey Neck’ giving us a jowly appearance. This can make a person appear much older than they really are as the contour of our jawline disappears and our platysmal bands look more prominent.

To achieve this, small concentrations of anti-wrinkle product is injected directly into the neck muscle along the prominent bands and beneath the jawline. This in turn relaxes and lengthens the muscle causing an unopposed pull from the above musculature – lifting the neck and improving the appearance of the jawline.

This procedure can work well with jawline filler and slimming treatments, depending on your overall goal in treatment. Your practitioner can discuss what options would be suitable for you in your consultation.

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