Tell me all about Lower Face Anti-Wrinkle Treatments!

We use lower Face Anti-Wrinkle Treatments to lift the lower face, mouth and neck. These treatments aren’t so much focused on preventing the formation of wrinkles, but target the muscles responsible for pulling the face down. 

DAO Treatment

DAO treatment targets the downward turn of the corners of the mouth. Some people have quite a strong pull in this area, which pulls the smile down creating a ‘sad clown’ smile. To remedy this, we can inject a small amount of Anti-Wrinkle product the muscle is relaxed. This then turns the corners upwards to a ‘happy smile’ appearance.  

Lip Flip

A ‘Lip Flip’ treatment targets the orbicularis oris muscle. As we age, this muscle tends to curl the lip inward, creating a flatter smile. We can correct this by injecting anti-wrinkle product to the vermillion boarder of the lip. The treatment relaxes the underlying muscle to gently roll the lip outward, creating the illusion of a more pouty lip.  particularly well inconjunction with a Lip Enhancement

Gummy Smile

A ‘Gummy Smile’ occurs when an individual shows too much gum above their teeth when smiling. This can be a source of embarrassment for many people and is the result from the over-elevation of the upper lip muscle. To treat this, we inject a small amount of anti-wrinkle product into this muscle. This relaxes the upper lip, allowing it to drop and disguise the gumminess of the smile.

Lipstick LInes

Lipstick lines or Peri-Oral Lines occur when we activate the orbiularis oral muscle. We can activate this muscle by pursing of our lips our pouting. These lines become more prominent as we age. This can be due to intrinsic factors like the lengthening of the philtrum (area between the nose and upper lip). They can also be due to extrinsic factors such as sun damage or smoking. Unlike in a Lip Flip treatment, we inject anti-wrinkle product directly over these wrinkle whilst the muscle is active. This reduces the movement of the muscle in the area injected, thereby helping to soften the appearance of these lines. This treatment works well inconjunction with a Lip Enhancement.

Nefertiti Neck Lift

A Nefertiti Neck Lift targets the platysmal muscle which sits either side of our neck. As we age, our platysmal muscle shortens and pull down on our jawline. This gravitational pull creates an appearance of the infamous ‘Turkey Neck’ giving us a jowly appearance. This can make a person appear much older than they really are. We loose the contour of our jawline making our platysmal bands look more prominent.

To combat this, we inject small concentrations of anti-wrinkle product directly into the neck muscle. We focus the treatment to the prominent bands along the neck and beneath the jawline. This in turn relaxes and lengthens the muscle causing an unopposed pull from the above musculature. In turn, your neck is lifted, improving the appearance of the jawline.

The above photos show before & after photos of lower face anti-wrinkle treatments.
Note: Some clients have had multiple treatments to achieve their results.

What to expect..

Your Clinican will discuss the area and the underlying musculature with you prior to treatment. If you are getting any lower face anti wrinkle treatments in conjunction with dermal filler enhancements, you will have your anti-wrinkle treatments first. Your injector will cleanse your face with alcoswabs and mark our the injection sites. The after-care of these treatments is much the same as any other anti-wrinkle treatment. For more information regarding the aftercare of anti-wrinkle treatments, visit our FAQ Page.

The longevity of your treatment depends on the area being treated. Generally, you can expect an anti-wrinkle treatment to last 3 to 4 months, depending on your metabolism. With Gummy Smile, Lip Flip and Lipstick Line treatments, the product tends to metabolise a little faster owing to the constant use of these muscles when we talk, kiss and eat. Nefertiti Neck Lifts will need to be re-treated every 4-5 months. 

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