A liquid face lift is a non-surgical, multi-step cosmetic treatment, combining both anti-wrinkle treatments and advanced dermal filler treatments to restore an aging appearance. The procedure restores facial volume, lifts sagging skin, soften and reduces fine lines, providing the individual with total facial rejuvination and refreshed, vibrant appearance.

As we age our collagen production slowly diminishes, weakening the support structure of our skin. Similarly our facial bones dissolve, leaving us with reduced structural support. This in turn leaves us with reduced structural support, lost facial volume and thinner less plump looking skin.

Treating these issues with dermal filler and anti-wrinkle injections will not stop the signs of aging from eventually taking over, but they do help to reduce the signs of aging non-surgically.

This treatment is multi-faceted as several areas will be treated in the one session. A liquid facelift will involve but not be limited to cheek enhancement, marionette and nasolabial fold injections, jawline filler, lip and peri-oral enhancement, nefertiti-neck lift and upper face anti-wrinkle injections.

Due to the nature of this treatment, a consultation with your practitioner is necessary prior to the procedure to discuss your concerns and develop a treatment plan.